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Monday, 29 June 2015

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Different ways libraries are using social media

In looking at social media and libraries I found most libraries are using Facebook & Twitter, some of the bigger ones are using Pinterest & Instagram too. The library at the University of Melbourne has a strong Twitter account with many tweets during each day till 5pm when the tweeter signs off for the day. The tweets are about info form the libraries collection, exam help, new additions to the collection. The State Library on their Twitter feed and Facebook also do the same but what I liked was all the articles posted re what really goes on behind the scenes at the state library;
As the State Library also hold an enormous archival collection, displaying them worldwide via social media is fantastic, on all their social media account they are actively doing this.

Libraries loving social media;

Frankston Library @frankstonlib
Moonee Valley Libraries on Pinterest
Library at the dock on Facebook

Copyright implications in Social Media

We are all sharing content on social media, photos, articles, even personal posts. Are there copyright implications? Each media platform has its own set of rules re copyright. Twitter doesn't allow the use of image sharing but people do it. How do we retain ownership of our photos? Images will always be bound by copyright. Having content shared and distributed through an array of networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter can be very beneficial but even these networks are bound by copyright.

checkout these articles; and Libraries is essentially a social media curation tool. Content curation as it's known and also social as people can learn from and follow your topics that you create to scoop about. Similar to Pinterest in that way but not as popular. doesn't rely on images to grab your interest. It seems to me that it would be a topic you would search for on, so in a professional environment like a library this social media tool can be effective for clients and people in the industry itself.

Here is an interesting article on social media and libraries, I scooped it!

And I found more librarians than libraries using

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Instagram and Libraries

Instagram is a photo sharing app that can only be accessed by a mobile device. So, how is this good for libraries? Everyone loves an image, and with over one and half million Instagram users in Australia alone it can provide a visually pleasing way to share information to many people, fast and informative.

The New York public library uses Instagram to let clients know of current and upcoming event. At the top of their page is a link to their website, so if you see a photo and want to know more information you just have to click on the link. They also have a shop in the library and they can advertise all their products on Instagram.
their Instagram address is @nypl

Closer to home, the Yarra Plenty Library have lots of photos on their page showing clients in the library, in action, reading! Great promotion for people to get down to their local library.
check them out on Instagram @yprlibrary

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

social media etiquette...professionally speaking

Whats professional etiquette in the world of Social Media? It's important to stay personable and professional at the same time. Imagine your Facebook or Instagram as an extension of your business, your business card or your business leaflets or pamphlets. Attention to detail is important, yay to spellcheck!! Professionally your followers don't want to know how you're feeling but by the same token they do like if you can imagine how they are feeling. No need for emojiis in the professional social media world I think. Don't forget that word 'professional'! Stay professional but relaxed as social media is such a 'now' way to communicate. Your followers are reading lots of posts, so keep them informal and interesting, and maybe even interactive, by asking your clients or customers questions or opinions. Everyone likes to be heard!
Check out these links for more information

Monday, 22 June 2015

privacy & social media

I love social media and if you're reading this blog you probably do too, but it's important to be aware of privacy issues surrounding it. Social media sites request personal information from its users. They tell us they want to personalize our experience, our page, and how we interact with our friends, followers and other users, but in reality it is about selling our data to advertisers, increasing the profile and wealth of the social media site. This doesn't always have to be a negative aspect though. The awareness is whats important. I like it when when articles & pages are recommended to me, and my personal information on profile pages is always very minimal. Sometimes I think we have so much information overload on social media sites that privacy is one of the least concerns. Always fill in your profile with the only information you want everyone to know, I think less is better.
Check out these links for more info;
here is some  information on who can actually access our information;