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another picture of books
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

social media etiquette...professionally speaking

Whats professional etiquette in the world of Social Media? It's important to stay personable and professional at the same time. Imagine your Facebook or Instagram as an extension of your business, your business card or your business leaflets or pamphlets. Attention to detail is important, yay to spellcheck!! Professionally your followers don't want to know how you're feeling but by the same token they do like if you can imagine how they are feeling. No need for emojiis in the professional social media world I think. Don't forget that word 'professional'! Stay professional but relaxed as social media is such a 'now' way to communicate. Your followers are reading lots of posts, so keep them informal and interesting, and maybe even interactive, by asking your clients or customers questions or opinions. Everyone likes to be heard!
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