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another picture of books
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Monday, 22 June 2015

privacy & social media

I love social media and if you're reading this blog you probably do too, but it's important to be aware of privacy issues surrounding it. Social media sites request personal information from its users. They tell us they want to personalize our experience, our page, and how we interact with our friends, followers and other users, but in reality it is about selling our data to advertisers, increasing the profile and wealth of the social media site. This doesn't always have to be a negative aspect though. The awareness is whats important. I like it when when articles & pages are recommended to me, and my personal information on profile pages is always very minimal. Sometimes I think we have so much information overload on social media sites that privacy is one of the least concerns. Always fill in your profile with the only information you want everyone to know, I think less is better.
Check out these links for more info;
here is some  information on who can actually access our information;

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